Benjamin "Ben" Pond is an AS actor. He's most known fro his role as the 17th Doctor of Doctor What.

Benjamin "Ben" Pond
General Information

1970, November 12



Other Info
Years Active:

2012 - Present


Maxwell Pond

Nina Pond

Most Known For: 17th Doctor, Doctor What

Early LifeEdit

There's not much known about his early life before becoming an actor, only that he married in 2010 to Mara Jeffersean


He became a voice actor in 2012. He was the voice actor of Jaakor in Shun 10. Later he became the voice actor of Bolt from Zack 17. After Zack 17 got canceled and Shun 10 ended, he took a brake untill 2014, where he became the 17th doctor in Doctor What.

Personal LifeEdit

After gratuating from collage, he dated Sarah Linner, but the relationship didn't last long. He started dating Mara Jeffersean in the age 37, and they dated for 3 years and then got married.


Year Title Role Notes
2012 - 2013 Shun 10 Jaakor Voice Only
2012 Zack 17 Bolt Voice Only
2014 Doctor What 17th Doctor, Benjamin River 2 parts, but the same guy


  • His wife is waiting for a child.
  • He has a brother named Kevin Maxwell Pond