We see Goop comming out of his house. He walks to the streat. He sees a Big Tree with apples far away

Goop: Oohh! Shiney!

He runs over the streat, some cars ride of the Road and crash.Goop runs with his hands in the air. Later we see him at The Garden with Wildvine and Swampfire

Goop: can i have one of those Apples?

Swampfire/Wildvine: NO!

Goop: Aww Goop!

Swampfire: we’re not giving anyone those apples after an Echo Echo Stole 5

Goop: 5, and i can’t have one??

Wildvine: No one can’t!

Goop: But is there a chance i can get some?

Swampfire: Only if you catch-

Wildvine: No!

Goop: Catch Who?

Wildvine: Echo Echo!

Goop: Hmm… I bet Upchuck would like some apples! Gona ask him for help

Swampfire: OH noo! Last year he eat half of the tree!

He points at a half of a dead tree

Goop: well see you later! He walks away., Echo Echo! I have a Cokie fio

Later we see him By Upchucks house. Upchuck opens the door with a Big Bag of Popcorn and Gigant Soda in his hands, Oh and a Sandwich on his head. Goop looks at him

Upchuck: What, I’m watching the Commercials!

Goop: aha. Well, do you want some apples?

Upchuck: The red ones from the garden? Sure thing!

he closes the dors. Ulti waits. Upchuck comes out and trows the soda away. HE burbs

Upchuck: good snacks!

Goop! Let's go!

Later we see them walking. Goop is holding a net, while upchuck a box full of Cokies. Upchuk holds a Cokie up

Upchuk: come here Echo Echo! I have a cokie for you!

He eats the cokie and takes an other one

Upchuck: Come to the cookie!

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