I'm The Professor is the 1st episode of Paradox.


During a Techadon robot attack on Area 51, The Professor appears out of nowhere to save the day.


It's a hot summer day. A military vehicle is driving trough the desert like area. Inside the vehicle is a man and a woman dressed in what appears to be suits. The woman is driving.

Man: Are we there yet?

Woman: No, Tony. We're not.

Tony/Man: Aww!

Women: Get it together, Tony! We're almost there. 

The woman sighed.

Woman: I can't wait to get a new partner!

Tony: Oh come on, Kate! We've been trough so much together. You can't just leave me like that!

Woman/Kate: I can and I will. I hope they asign a more sensible partner to me.

Suddenly out of nowhere a robot falls infront of the car. Kate reacts and manages to barely avoid the robot.

Kate: What the hell is a Tehcadon Robot doing in the middle of a desert.

The view of Area 51 can be seen from the their perspective. Techadon robots can be seen exiting a cube like spacecraft and making their way into Area 51. Soldiers are shooting at them, but it's doing no damage. As the car drives towards Area 51, a tank can be seen firing at the robots and launching some away.

Tony: I guess that's how one ended up in front of us!

Kate: You guess?

The car drives up to the gate. The Soldier looks at the car .

Soldier: IDs?!

Kate: Agent Locke and Agent Bryson!

Soldier: You can pass. Be cearful, try not to get close to the fight zone.

Tony lets out a bit of a laugh.

Tony: Will do!

Soldier: You to aren't robots, right?

Kate: Don't worry, we're 100% human!

Soldier: Great!

The Gates open and the car drives inside.

The scene cuts to both Kate and Tony standing in an elevator. Kate looks pissed and Tony is just looking around. Then the doors open and they exit. they are greeted by man in a green uniform.

Kate: Colonel Rozum!? Didin't expect to see you here.

Rozum: Nice to see you both again! Now let's get straight to business.

All there start walking. A Green Concord jet could be seen on the right of them. They Walked into some room. Isndie the room, Rozum sat down by the desk and gestured for both agents to take a seat aswell.

Rozum: I don't have time for all the official crap, because we need all the men we can get, so here goes. As you noticed, The base is currently under the attack of Robots. Techadon robots infact. That cube you saw, It's the factory. We need to take them out. Any ideas?

Kate: How close can we get to the factory?

Rozum: Well, how close do you need to get?

Kate: Close enough to get a bomb inside it.

Rozum: We already thought of that!

Tony: have you tried calling Mr. Tennyson?

Rozum: It's not that serious of a matter, we can handle this.

Kate: If i remember correctly, Tehcadon Robots learn, so they can't be taken out the same way multiple times. Could you give me a run down of what you have used.

Rozum: We for sure have used every weapon known to man. They just keap coming.

The room goes silent. Eveyone is thinking. Suddenly out of nowhere a man in a white robe appears. He has black hair and black and green googles around his neck. 

Man: Did i interupt something?

Rozum gets out of his seat and walks towards the man.

Rozum: Excuse me, But who the hell are you? And how did you get here?

Man: I'm the Professor! Nice to meet you!

The Professor hands Rozum his hand expecting a handshake.

Rozum: Professor Who?

The Professor: It doesn't really matter, does it?

Rozum is about to sya something, but The Professor blocks him from talking.

The Professor: So you seem to be having problems with some Techadon Robots! Mind if I help

Kate: We're gald to accept any ideas.

Rozum: How did you get into my office?

The Professor: Major, Calm down please. I'm here to help!

Rozum: It's Colonel Rozum!

The Professor: Wait. Is it? What year is it?

Tony: 2018! Why you asking?

The Professor: And you two are?

Kate: Agent Locke! And this is Agent Bryson!

Tony: Nice to meet you!

The Professor: I Swear that the same thing happen back in 2011! Anyways, Who wants a gumball?

The room is completly silent.

The Professor: No one? Really? Oh well!

The Professor puts a gumball in his mouth and takes a seat in the chair at the desk and puts his legs on the table.

The Professor: Now, let's get to business! First off, According to a friend of mine, Techadon robots aren't very smart. So taking them out shouldn't be hard.

Kate: We need to take out the factory!

The Professor: They have a factory here too? How the hell did you let that happen? Okay okay okay...

Tony: Do you know how to destrot it?

The Professor: Let me think!

Rozum: We need to act quickly! And Get your feet off my desk!

The Professor: I said, let me think!

After a brief moment of silence the Doctor, takes his feet of the desk and jumps up standing.

The Professor: I gopt it!. All we have to do is cut it's power! it think...

Rozum: And how do we do that, Professor?

Kate: A Techadon factory can repair itself, so it could probably repair any kind of damage that we do it it's power suply.

The Professor: Colonel, do you have a Anodite prisoner here?

Rozum: What? No!

The Professor: And a Gourmand prisoner?

Rozum: No! Area 51 has no Alien Prisoners!

The Professor: Then what about Prisoner Number 775? His name suggests there's atleast 774 more prisoners here!

Rozum is holding his mouth shut.

Tony: What are you planing to do with those prisoners, Professor?

The Professor: A Friend of mine once completly ate a Tehcadon Factory. He was a Gourmand. Atleast at that moment.

Rozum turns his back against the Professor. Meanhwile Kate walks to the computer on the desk.

Rozum: All the prisoners are long gone!

Kate: Got it! A Gourmand prisoner is located on level 11!

Rozum: Level 11 is cleared out. Everything was moved to Level 12.

The Professor: Let's go then, Agent Locke!

Kate: Let's Go!