New Friends is the 1st episode of Chronicles of The Five.


The Episode begin on Kinet. XLR8 is running. He speeds up. Suddenly a siren goes off.

XLR8: Oh no! Not Again!

XLR8 starts to run faster. It can be seen that There are 3 more kinecelerans running after him. They all are in Blue and with clothes and helmets.

Kineceleran Cop 1: Stop right there!

XLR8 looks back and ceaps running

Kineceleran Cop 1: I'm warning you, if you don't stop right now, we will use force!

XLR8 then turns. So do the cops. Thye ceap on running

Kineceleran Cop 1: This is your final warning! Stand down and you will not be hurt.

XLR8 just ceaps on running. Then the 3 cops stop and point blue lasers at XLR8.

Kineceleran Cop 2: Fire!

They Shoot lines that connect to XLR8's back and then they electrocute them. XLR8 falls down to the ground. The cops walk to him.

Kineceleran cop 1: Look who we got here!

Later that day. XLR8 wakes up in a prison cell. he looks around and sees 5 more aliesn in cells.

XLR8: Who are you guys?

A Petrsosapein: My name's Diamondhead!

XLR8: What you're in for?

Diamondhead: I destroyed some guys shop.

XLR8: Oh?

Diamondhead: That over there is Shocksquatch. he darined the citys energy.

A Loban wakes up.

Loban: Looks like we have a Newbie here! I'm Blizwolfer. But you can just call me Blitz.

XLR8: I'm, XLR8!

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