This is the episode list for Sean Hollis: The Series.

Season 1Edit

  1. Betrayal - Intro with Sean telling who he is and what he does. Then he explains about the mission. The mission then happens and it starts with Sean and Karoline entering the building. The mission goes as planned until they are all escaping when Sean suddenly gets shot.
  2. Captivity - Sean wakes up in prison. He gets questioned by Hanson, and the general (uhh...). he is later visited by Ryan.
  3. Escape - Freya visits Sean telling him the plan for escaping. the plan is not told to the audience. The escape happens and in the end, Freya & Ryan await sean at the meetup point. They go to Freya's house where Sean will be staying.
  4. Problem - Sean wakes up the next day with the Omnimatrix I on his wrist. Together with Freya, he explores the possibilities of the Omnimatrix I. 
  5. Confrontation - Sean finally goes to see Hanson. Instead of taking the Omnimatrix, Hanson gives Sean his old job back, pairing him up with Karoline. The two are sent on a mission, which ends in a hotel room, where Sean confronts her about what happened in episode 1. In all ends with the two making out. (and having sex)
  6. Mask - Sean and Karoline finally catch their target, Masquerade. After a long battle, Sean damages his mask and it falls revealing him to be Nick Lambert - Sean's old partner. Which then turns to a flashback back to Nick, Ace and Sean on their mission.
  7. Aftermath - After Nick is brought in, Sean goes to see Nick in order to find out how he became Masquerade and how he survived that mission. After finding out, Sean returns back to see Freya for a surprise welcome. In the middle of the night, Hanson calls Sean for a mission.
  8. Revelation - The Trio is sent to Redus. There they meet Leonel, who tells them a bit about the situation in the galaxy. Sean suggests to run away and quit the NSS similar to what Ace did during that mission. Sean also confronts Ryan and Karoline about the shooting. Ryan confesses and tells who he really is.
  9. TBA - Karoline, Ryan and Sean split apart. Right after Karoline leaves, Ryan and Sean talk about Ryan shooting him. Because Ryan is still an IGA agent, Sean realises that Ryan would go back to them and not disappear, so he kills him. and leaves himself. Sean then gets attacked by IGA forces while he's flying through space. Sean records a hologram message and sends it to Freya. Eventually, the IGA ships shoot Sean down, making his ship crash on the nearest planet. Sean then awakes in a seemingly familiar city full with aliens he's seeing for the first time.

Season 2Edit

  1. Where Am I? - Sean awakens in an unknown alien city. The city is full of all sorts of aliens. He explores the city and ends up meeting an alien princess. She turns out to be a runaway. The princess tells Sean her story.
  2. The Runaways - Sean and princess Averly encounter The Runaways, a gang that consists of aliens trying to escape from their lives. they accept Sean and Averly in their gang after a short initiation. They also tell Sean about the problem. The problem of getting off this planet.