The Tests is the 2nd Episode of Hybrid.


Dr Welton and his boss, Alexander Ivanovich put Kane's abilities to a test. Kane is said to be free and thus he goes looking for his friends only to find Marcus trapped in a cage. The cage gets taken away and Kane will do anything to get to it.


The epsidoe begins in something that resembles a prison cell. Kane is inside walking around and thinking. A guard comes by and unlockes the door. Two more go inside and put a bag over Kane's face, which had an odly confusing look on it. They grab Kane and pull him outside.

End Scene

The two guard are dragging Kane trough a dark coridor. the lights on the celing a flickering. They reach a door. The 3rd guard opens it and the other two throw Kane inside. They close the doors and lock them.

Guard: You're Free. Find your exit. It's the other way.

The guards leave and soon turn off the lighs in the coridor. The camera switches to inside the room. KAne turns around. He touches the wall and it suddenly slides open. He starts walking and notices a glass box with Marcus inside.